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Whether you are looking to knock down and rebuild your existing home, or searching for a new lot to build your dream home on, we can help. As your family expands and your home needs change, your family deserves a space that can accommodate and comfort. Mason Construction will assist you throughout the new construction process to turn your dreams into a reality.
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Does your home feel outdated? Do you wish that you could give your home the modern amenities and design it deserves? Mason Construction can completely redesign and remake your entire home's look and feel. Creating your own perfect home can take time and a lot of patience. At Mason Construction, we are there with you every step of the way from conceptualization to clean up.
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Is it time to renovate that tired old bathroom? Mason Construction has the experience and knowledge to give your bathroom a modern facelift that your whole family can enjoy. Your home's bathroom is one of its highest selling points and given how much time you will spend in your bathroom, its very important to create not only a space your family can enjoy, but a space that is functional to your families needs. When you're ready to update your home's bathroom, Mason Construction is here to help.
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Does your old kitchen design make your family lose its appetite? Is your kitchen stuck in the 20th century. With Mason Construction, we can update that kitchen to the needs of your whole family. The kitchen brings your family together and is one of the most special places in your home to create lasting memories. If you are looking to create more space for your family or just looking to bring your kitchen up to date, Mason Construction is your solution.
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Repairing your home can often be a scary prospect. From drywall and wood rot repair to new molding and caulking repair, Mason Construction will make the entire process as stress free and easy as possible. Our repair services include...

• Wood Rot Repair
• Ceiling & Drywall Repair
• Molding Repair & Replacement
• Water Damage Repair
• Siding
• Insulation Installation 
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